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With over a decade of experience, Michigan born artist, Brent Swanson, is an up and coming accomplished glass craftsman. Brent has marked the Detroit, Utah, Vermont and South Korean glass communities with his passionate, avant-garde style. His work has been featured in galleries across the country. Brent’s work is a cornucopia of both hand sculpted and blown glass wares. The vast array of skills he has accumulated over the years has allowed him to create a variety of styles and concepts. Brent’s products range from elegant stemware, large indoor/outdoor sculpture, to upscale lighting projects.

In brief, his passion for glass blowing comes directly from a love for the material itself.  The process of blowing the material into a hollow form, then sculpting that form into complex shapes never fails to excite him. The action of manipulating glass into any conceivable form is what he enjoys the most, as the possibilities are endless!


Mr. Swanson studied at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan from 2003 to 2007. After graduation, Brent focused his energy in and out of Detroit glass studios, collaborating with local artists and growing as a skilled craftsman. The 2008/2009 year found Brent working with the revered stained glass company, Holdman Glass in Utah.  The next two and a half years Brent lived and worked in South Korea. During this time, he partnered up with with a few master glass blowers to create original works of art. In 2011, Brent was awarded the opportunity to work at Simon Pearce, a glass factory in Vermont. His two years at Simon Pearce consisted of him leading teams blowing large sculpted items and high speed stemware. At The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village Glass shop in 2013/2014 Brent Swanson was no stranger when it came to creating early american patterned glass. Brent worked at the Glass Academy in Dearborn, MI. Currently, he is teaching at College for creative studies in Detroit, MI.




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